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Version: 8.5


Camunda 8 only


You can save a snapshot of your diagram as a milestone any time.

If you make any mistakes while modeling, you can always go back to previously saved snapshots. You can also identify and compare the differences between two milestones.

Find your milestones by opening the actions menu, and clicking on History. milestones

Creating milestones

In the milestone history view, the latest version can be saved as a new milestone. milestones create via icon

Alternatively, you can create a new milestone via the breadcrumb menu in the diagram view. milestones create via icon

When dragging and dropping a file into the diagram view, or when using the Replace via upload option under the breadcrumb menu, a new milestone is created automatically.

Restoring milestones

Hover over a milestone, click on the three vertical dots, and expand for more options. milestones restore milestones restore

Comparing milestones

Milestones can be compared visually. By enabling the diffing feature, the currently selected milestone is compared to its predecessor.

The differences that are highlighted are only those that affect the execution of the BPMN process. Pure visual changes like position changes are not highlighted. milestones diffing