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Version: 8.3

Supported environments


The versions listed on this page are the minimum version required if appended with a +.

Pay attention to where the + falls, as most of our dependencies follow semantic versioning (semver), where x.y.z correspond to MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. Higher or more recent versions will be compatible with Camunda, with respect to semver.

For example, 1.2+ means support for the minor version 2, and any higher minors (1.3, 1.4, etc.) and patches (1.2.1, 1.2.2, etc.), but not majors, like 2.x.

Web Browser

  • Google Chrome latest [recommended]
  • Mozilla Firefox latest
  • Microsoft Edge latest

Desktop Modeler

  • Windows 7 / 10
  • Mac OS X 10.11
  • Ubuntu LTS (latest)


  • Zeebe Java Client: OpenJDK 8+
  • Zeebe Go Client: Go 1.13+
  • zbctl: Windows, MacOS, and Linux (latest)

Camunda 8 Self-Managed

We highly recommend running Camunda 8 Self-Managed in a Kubernetes environment. We provide officially supported Helm Charts for this. Please follow the Installation Guide to learn more about installation possibilities.

Requirements for the components can be seen below:

ComponentJava versionOther requirements
ZeebeOpenJDK 17+Elasticsearch 8.8+
OperateOpenJDK 17+Elasticsearch 8.8+
TasklistOpenJDK 17+Elasticsearch 8.8+
IdentityOpenJDK 17+Keycloak 21.x, 22.x
PostgreSQL 14.x, 15.x
OptimizeOpenJDK 17+Elasticsearch 8.8+, Identity, 8.3.x
Web Modeler-Keycloak 21.x, 22.x
PostgreSQL 13.x, 14.x, 15.x, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL 13.x, 14.x, 15.x (other database systems are currently not supported)
Elasticsearch support

Camunda 8 works with the default distribution of Elasticsearch, which is available under the Free or Gold+ Elastic license.

Helm chart version matrix

The core Camunda components have a unified fixed release schedule following the release policy. However, some of the applications have their own schedule. The following compatibility matrix gives an overview of the different versions with respect to the Helm chart versions.

Helm chartZeebe, Operate, TasklistOptimizeWeb ModelerConnectors
8.3.x8.3.x8.3.x8.3.x>= 8.3.0
8.2.x8.2.x3.10.x8.2.x>= 0.18.0

Version matrix

This overview shows which Zeebe version works with which Modeler, Operate, Tasklist and Optimize:

Desktop Modeler 4.7+Zeebe 1.0.xOperate 1.0.x Tasklist 1.0.x-
Desktop Modeler 4.9+Zeebe 1.1.xOperate 1.1.x Tasklist 1.1.x-
Desktop Modeler 4.11+Zeebe 1.2.xOperate 1.2.x Tasklist 1.2.x IAM 1.2.x-
Desktop Modeler 4.12+Zeebe 1.3.xOperate 1.3.x Tasklist 1.3.x IAM 1.3.xOptimize 3.7.x
Desktop Modeler 5.0+Zeebe 8.0.xOperate 8.0.x Tasklist 8.0.x Identity 8.0.xOptimize 3.8.x
Desktop Modeler 5.4+Zeebe 8.1.xOperate 8.1.x Tasklist 8.1.x Identity 8.1.xOptimize 3.9.x
Desktop Modeler 5.10+Zeebe 8.2.xOperate 8.2.x Tasklist 8.2.x Identity 8.2.xOptimize 3.10.x
Web Modeler 8.2.xZeebe 8.2.xOperate 8.2.x Tasklist 8.2.x Identity 8.2.xOptimize 3.10.x
Web Modeler 8.3.xZeebe 8.3.xOperate 8.3.x Tasklist 8.3.x Identity 8.3.xOptimize 8.3.x

You can also use newer versions of Desktop and Web Modeler with older Zeebe versions.

Camunda 7 & Optimize version matrix