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Version: 8.5

Alpha features

Use alpha features to learn about upcoming changes, try them out, and share feedback.


Selected Camunda features and components are released as alpha versions. We release them in an early state for you to test and participate in development by sharing your feedback before they reach general availability (GA).

Characteristics of alpha features and components include:

  • Not for production use.
  • APIs, dependencies, and configuration are likely to change.
  • Not necessarily feature-complete.
  • Might lack full documentation.
  • No guaranteed updates to newer releases.
  • Support based on SLAs agreed with you, but bugs are treated with the same priority as feature or help requests.
  • No maintenance service.
  • (SaaS) No availability targets.
  • Released outside the standard release policy.

While there is no maintenance service, customers can still provide feedback through designated support channels, depending on their SLAs. These channels include filing issues in the respective GitHub repositories and by submitting questions and suggestions by contacting us.

Visit our documentation on enabling alpha features to learn more.

General availability (GA)

Once features and components are released and considered stable, they become generally available.

Characteristics include:

  • Allowed for production use.
  • Fully documented and supported.

There are also alpha releases with limited availability, such as features that are only available to enterprise customers.