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Configuration variables

As Identity is a Spring Boot application, you may use the standard Spring configuration methods.

Core configuration

Environment variableDescriptionDefault value
IDENTITY_URLThe URL of the Identity servicehttp://localhost:8080
KEYCLOAK_URLThe URL of the Keycloak instance to usehttp://localhost:18080/auth
IDENTITY_AUTH_PROVIDER_BACKEND_URLUsed to support container to container communicationhttp://localhost:18080/auth/realms/camunda-platform

Component configuration

Identity supports component configuration using preset values. This means to configure a component for use within Identity, all that is required is to set two variables:

Environment variableDescriptionDefault value
KEYCLOAK_INIT_<COMPONENT>_SECRETThe secret used for authentication flowsNo default
KEYCLOAK_INIT_<COMPONENT>_ROOT_URLThe root URL of where the component is hostedNo default

Identity supports the following values for the <COMPONENT> placeholder: OPERATE,TASKLIST, and OPTIMIZE.