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Please refer to the Installation Guide for details on how to install Zeebe in a private cloud or on your own hardware.

Within this section you will find detailed information about:

  • Configuration - Explains the configuration options. These configuration options apply to both environments, but not to Camunda 8. In Camunda 8, the configuration is provided for you.
  • Security - Discusses the security aspects of running Zeebe and how to use them.
  • Operation - Outlines topics that become relevant when you want to operate Zeebe in production.
  • Exporters - Zeebe comes packaged with two exporters: Elasticsearch and OpenSearch. This section of the docs explains how these exporters can be configured. For a general overview on the exporters concept, refer to our exporters concept page.
  • Zeebe Gateway - The Zeebe Gateway is a component of the Zeebe cluster; it can be considered the contact point for the Zeebe cluster which allows Zeebe clients to communicate with Zeebe brokers inside a Zeebe cluster.

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