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Version: 8.4



Zeebe does not support network file systems (NFS) other types of network storage volumes at this time. Usage of NFS may cause data corruption.

Refer to the installation guide for details on how to install Zeebe in a private cloud or on your own hardware.

Within this section you will find detailed information about:

  • Zeebe Gateway - The Zeebe Gateway is a component of the Zeebe cluster; it can be considered the contact point for the Zeebe cluster which allows Zeebe clients to communicate with Zeebe brokers inside a Zeebe cluster.
  • Configuration - Explains the configuration options. These configuration options apply to both environments, but not to Camunda 8. In Camunda 8, the configuration is provided for you.
  • Security - Discusses the security aspects of running Zeebe and how to use them.
  • Operation - Outlines topics that become relevant when you want to operate Zeebe in production.
  • Exporters - Zeebe comes packaged with two exporters: Elasticsearch and OpenSearch. This section of the docs explains how these exporters can be configured. For a general overview on the exporters concept, refer to our exporters concept page.

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