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Update 0.10 to 0.11


Migrate directly to version 0.11.2 of the SDK. This contains a fix for several issues in the 0.11.0 release.

This SDK release is not backwards-compatible. We are moving towards a stable Connectors release and continue to improve the experience of developing custom Connectors.

In this SDK version, we changed the OutboundConnectorContext and InboundConnectorContext interfaces significantly. You can no longer use the getVariablesAsType or getPropertiesAsType methods in outbound and inbound Connectors, respectively. Use the new bindVariables method instead, as it takes care of secret replacement, payload validation, and deserialization automatically.

We are moving away from a mandatory @Secret annotation. From this release onwards, secrets are automatically replaced in all input variables/properties without the need to explicitly declare an annotation.

To migrate your Connector implementations, complete the following:

  1. If you used the OutboundConnectorContext::getVariablesAsType method in you outbound Connector functions, replace it with OutboundConnectorContext::bindVariables.
  2. If you used the InboundConnectorContext::getPropertiesAsType method in you inbound Connector executables, replace it with InboundConnectorContext::bindProperties.
  3. Remove calls to OutboundConnectorContext::replaceSecrets and InboundConnectorContext::replaceSecrets methods. The secrets are now replaced automatically.
  4. Remove calls to OutboundConnectorContext::validate and InboundConnectorContext::validate methods. The validation is now performed automatically.
  5. If you used the @Secret annotation in your Connector implementations, you can safely remove it as it has no effect.