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Update 1.0 to 1.1


We identified an issue in our recent release of Operate 1.1.0 (part of Camunda Cloud 1.1.0). This issue only applies if you are updating from a previous version of Operate 1.0.x to Operate 1.1.

We recommend to immediately update to 1.1.1 by skipping the 1.1.0 release.

The following sections will explain for each component of the system which adjustments have to be made to migrate from Camunda Cloud 1.0.x to 1.1.0.



With Operate 1.1 a new feature was introduced to navigate between call activity hierarchies. This feature is only available for instances started after the version 1.1 update. Older instances will not expose this information to the user.


Zeebe Java Client#

To prepare to support multiple regions in Camunda Cloud SaaS we adopted the Zeebe URLs used to connect to your cluster to contain a region sub-domain, i.e ${CLUSTE_ID} is now ${CLUSTER_ID}

We are confident that we rolled out this change transparently and as backwards compatible as possible. Still there exists situation which this might impact you on your update path. For existing clusters the old URLs will still be functional, we recommend you update the configuration of your clients to the new URL format.

To support this feature we expose a new configuration method withRegion in the Camunda Cloud builder of the Java Client to set the region.

By default the builder will assume the bru-2 region which is the region of any clusters create after Camunda Cloud GA in May 2021.

In case you are using the Java Client Camunda Cloud builder with a pre GA cluster you have to set the region to the specific value of your cluster.

To copy the region of your cluster, please visit the clusters details page in Camunda Cloud Console, and press the copy button next to the region.