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Claim a task with taskId to assignee. Returns the task.

When using Graphql API with JWT authentication token following parameters may be used:

  • assignee. When using a JWT token, the assignee parameter is NOT optional when called directly from the API. The system will not be able to detect the assignee from the JWT token, therefore the assignee parameter needs to be explicitly passed in this instance.
  • allowOverrideAssignment. When true the task that is already assigned may be claimed again. Otherwise the task must be first unclaimed and only then claimed again. (Default: true)
taskId: String!
assignee: String
allowOverrideAssignment: Boolean
): Task!


claimTask.taskId ● String! non-null scalar

claimTask.assignee ● String scalar

claimTask.allowOverrideAssignment ● Boolean scalar


Task object

Describes the User task.