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Version: 8.3


This section contains general reference material for Camunda 8.


  • Announcements - Stay up to date on versioning changes, end of maintenance updates, OpenSearch support, and other updates.
  • Release notes - Learn where you can find release notes for components of Camunda 8.
  • Auto-updates - Learn about the SaaS cluster auto-update feature.
  • Service status - Camunda 8 SaaS is a hosted service for the Camunda 8 stack that runs on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). When availability changes, Camunda provides you with a current service status.
  • Supported environments - Learn more about supported environments across your web browser, Desktop Modeler, clients, Camunda 8 Self-Managed, and the Camunda 7 and Optimize version matrix.
  • Dependencies & third party libraries - A complete list of all dependencies and third-party libraries for all the components of Camunda 8, including Self-Managed.
  • Alpha features - Use alpha features to learn about upcoming changes, try them out, and share feedback.

Security and license information

  • Licenses - Take a closer look at licensing information for all components of Camunda 8.
  • Security notices - Learn about Camunda's security notices after fixes are available.
Release policy

Learn about the Camunda release policy with some specific clarifications across provisioning in SaaS and Self-Managed.

Additional resources

  • Regions - When you create a cluster in Camunda 8 SaaS, specify a region for that cluster.
  • Usage metrics - Understand the three main usage metrics that have an impact on Camunda 8 pricing.
  • Glossary - Have a closer look at common terminology used across Camunda 8 documentation.