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Version: 8.3

Migrate diagrams from Cawemo

BeginnerTime estimate: 5 minutes

This guide steps through how to migrate BPMN diagrams created in Cawemo to Camunda 8 Web Modeler.

You should consider migrating diagrams from Cawemo to Camunda 8 Web Modeler if:


  • Ensure you have a valid Camunda 8 account, or sign up if you still need one.
  • A BPMN diagram in your Cawemo account.

Migrate your BPMN diagram

Take the following steps to migrate your BPMN diagram in Cawemo to Camunda 8 Web Modeler:

  1. Log in to Cawemo.
  2. Click the Project folder on the Home page of the BPMN diagram you want to transfer.
  3. Click on the BPMN diagram you want to transfer.

If the BPMN file has been uploaded to Cawemo from Desktop Modeler for execution on Camunda 7, the file cannot be uploaded to Web Modeler.

  1. Click Download or export.
  2. Click Download as BPMN 2.0 XML.
  3. Log in to Camunda 8.
  4. Click Modeler to open Web Modeler.
  5. Open the project you want to transfer your BPMN file to or create a new project by clicking New project.
  6. Click New > Upload files.
  7. Open the BPMN XML file downloaded from Cawemo.

While unsupported elements are imported in Web Modeler, they are not supported for deployment and will be highlighted in the error panel.

Additional resources

Not all elements in Cawemo are supported in Camunda 8 Web Modeler. Find details on BPMN coverage in Camunda 8 in the BPMN coverage documentation. We are investing in supporting the elements currently available on Camunda 7.

Next steps

Learn more about migrating from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8.


When you get the error The following 1 file is invalid and can't be uploaded: "" when uploading your BPMN file, it means a BPMN file for execution on Camunda 7 created with Desktop Modeler - or another BPM tool using BPMN to execute processes - has been uploaded to Cawemo. Find details in migrating from Camunda 7 documentation under migration overview to solve the error.