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Version: 8.5 / 3.13.0

Instant process dashboards

Optimize serves as a comprehensive process optimization tool, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency for businesses. Notably, one of its standout features is the automatic generation of dashboards for each process, offering users clear insights into process performance.

On first access, Optimize creates an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard on-demand. Users can access these dashboards from the process dashboards page by selecting the desired process.

The data presented in the dashboard, along with its corresponding reports, aligns with the user's permissions for that specific process definition. This implies that the dashboard will include data from all authorized tenants. Additionally, both dashboards and reports showcase data from all versions of the relevant process definition.

For convenient integration, the dashboard has a consistent URL, allowing embedding into other tools and web pages. The URL format is https://<OPTIMIZE_URL>/dashboard/instant/<BPMN-PROCESS-ID>/. Importantly, this URL remains stable across Optimize versions, eliminating the need for updates.


Instant process dashboards cannot be shared conventionally. To share, provide the URL, and the recipient will need to sign in to Optimize to access the dashboard.

Copying the instant process dashboard

While the instant preview dashboard offers quick insights, you might want to customize it further to suit your application needs, such as adjusting dashboard filters or configuring reports. To create a copy for customization, use the Create editable copy button in the top right corner. This button opens a creation modal with preselected options for an exact copy, but you can also modify the settings to create a different dashboard, choosing from various templates. Additional information on creating a new dashboard can be found here.