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Version: 8.5

Operating Zeebe in production

This chapter covers topics relevant to anyone who wants to operate Zeebe in production.

  • Resource planning - Gives an introduction for calculating how many resources need to be provisioned.
  • Network ports - Discusses which ports are needed to run Zeebe.
  • Setting up a Zeebe cluster - Quick guide on how to set up a cluster with multiple brokers.
  • Metrics - Lists options to monitor Zeebe.
  • Health status - Lists available high-level health and liveness probes.
  • Backpressure - Discusses the backpressure mechanism used by Zeebe brokers.
  • Disk space - Explains how to set limits for the amount of free disk space. Once these limits are undercut, Zeebe degrades gracefully to allow the operations team to provide more disk space.
  • Update Zeebe - Contains information on how to perform a shutdown update.
  • Rebalancing - Describes how to rebalance a cluster.