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Update Zeebe


See the update guide for specific instructions per Zeebe version.

To update a Zeebe cluster, take the following steps:

  1. Shut down all Zeebe brokers and other components of the system.
  2. Take a filesystem snapshot of you Zeebe broker data folder and Elasticsearch data folder if used.
  3. Update all Zeebe brokers and gateways to the new version.
  4. Restart the system components.

Partitions admin endpoint#

This endpoint allows querying the status of the partitions and performing operations to prepare an upgrade.

The endpoint is available under http://{zeebe-broker}:{}/actuator/partitions (default port: 9600).

It is enabled by default. It can be disabled in the configuration by setting:


Query the partition status#

The status of the partitions can be queried with a GET request:


The response contains all partitions of the broker mapped to the partition-id.

Full Response

{    "1":{        "role":"LEADER",        "snapshotId":"399-1-1601275126554-490-490",        "processedPosition":490,        "processedPositionInSnapshot":490,        "streamProcessorPhase":"PROCESSING"    }}