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Public API

Camunda Cloud provides a public API. This section covers the definition of the public API and backwards compatibility for version updates.

Backwards Compatibility for Public API#

Camunda Cloud versioning scheme follows the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH pattern put forward by Semantic Versioning. Camunda Cloud will maintain public API backwards compatibility for MINOR version updates. Example: Update from version 1.0.x to 1.1.y will not break the public API.

To learn more about our release cycle, please refer to our release policy.

Definition of Public API#

Camunda Cloud public API is limited to the following items:

Zeebe Client Java API#

All non-implementation Java packages (package name does not contain impl) of the following maven modules.

  • io.camunda:zeebe-client-java

Other APIs and Client#

Although we cannot guarentee backwards comptability of others APIs and Clients at this moment of time, we aim to offer backwards compatibility still on a best effort basis.