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Conversion Functions

Convert a value into a different type.


  • parameters:
    • from: string / date-time
    • or year, month, day: number
  • result: date
date(birthday) // date("2018-04-29")
date(date and time("2012-12-25T11:00:00"))// date("2012-12-25")
date(2012, 12, 25)// date("2012-12-25")


  • parameters:
    • from: string / date-time
    • or hour, minute, second: number
      • (optional) offset: day-time-duration
  • result: time
time(lunchTime) // time("12:00:00")
time(date and time("2012-12-25T11:00:00"))// time("11:00:00")
time(23, 59, 0)// time("23:59:00")
time(14, 30, 0, duration("PT1H"))// time("15:30:00")

date and time()#

  • parameters:
    • date: date / date-time
    • time: time
    • or from: string
  • result: date-time
date and time(date("2012-12-24"),time("T23:59:00")) // date and time("2012-12-24T23:59:00")
date and time(date and time("2012-12-25T11:00:00"),time("T23:59:00"))// date and time("2012-12-25T23:59:00")
date and time(birthday) // date and time("2018-04-29T009:30:00")


  • parameters:
    • from: string
  • result: day-time-duration or year-month-duration
duration(weekDays)// duration("P5D")
duration(age)// duration("P32Y")

years and months duration()#

  • parameters:
    • from: date
    • to: date
  • result: year-month-duration
years and months duration(date("2011-12-22"), date("2013-08-24"))// duration("P1Y8M")


  • parameters:
    • from: string
  • result: number
number("1500.5") // 1500.5


  • parameters:
    • from: any
  • result: string
string(1.1) // "1.1"
string(date("2012-12-25"))// "2012-12-25"


Constructs a context of the given list of key-value pairs. It is the reverse function to get entries().

Each key-value pair must be a context with two entries: key and value. The entry with name key must have a value of the type string.

It might override context entries if the keys are equal. The entries are overridden in the same order as the contexts in the given list.

Returns null if one of the entries is not a context or if a context doesn't contain the required entries.

  • parameters:
    • entries: list of contexts
  • result: context
context([{"key":"a", "value":1}, {"key":"b", "value":2}])// {a:1, b:2}