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Version: 8.1

Early access

Use early access releases to quickly learn about upcoming features and components.

Types of early access releases

Selected Camunda features and components are released upfront as alpha or beta versions to provide users the opportunity to test a feature and participate in development by giving feedback prior to market launch, also known as general availability (GA).

Early access releases are made available outside the release policy.


Alpha features and components are introduced to gather early feedback from users. These features and components are still under heavy development, and are expected to change. These releases are intended only for non-production usage in trying out recent and potentially unfinished new features.

Characteristics of alpha features and components include:

  • Not for production use.
  • APIs, dependencies, and configuration are likely to change.
  • Not necessarily feature-complete.
  • May not yet be documented.
  • Update to a newer release not guaranteed.
  • Support based on SLAs agreed with you, but bugs are treated with the same priority as feature or help requests.
  • No maintenance service.
  • (SaaS) No availability targets.


The scope of beta features and components is close enough to the targeted GA release that we are willing to provide update support, but we're still making final changes. Therefore, beta features and components may still be missing some features. These features and components come with the same characteristics as an alpha release with the following exceptions:

  • APIs, dependencies, and configuration are not likely to change.
  • Potentially feature-complete.
  • Can usually be updated to a newer release.

While there is no maintenance service, customers can still provide feedback depending on their SLAs, such as through their designated support channels, filing issues in the respective GitHub repositories, and by submitting questions and suggestions in the Camunda Forum.

General availability (GA)

All features and components launched on the market that are not considered early access are considered generally available. Characteristics include:

  • Allowed for production use.
  • Fully documented and supported.

There are also early access releases with limited availability, such as features that are only available to enterprise customers.