Version: latest

Console API (REST)

For all requests include the access token for Cloud API into the Authorization header: authorization:Bearer ${TOKEN} (see Cloud Console API clients)


Get all clusters#

GET Returns detailed data on all clusters of the organization

Get cluster#

GET${uuid} Returns detailed data of one cluster.

Get cluster creation parameters#

GET Returns all options available to create a cluster.

Delete cluster#


Create cluster#

POST With following JSON payload:

"name": string, // Name of the Cluster
"channelId": string, // Software Channel for further upgrades, check Get creation parameters
"generationId": string, // Software Generation, check Get creation parameters
"regionId": string, // Region to host the cluster, check Get creation parameters
"planTypeId": string // Hardware Plan of the cluster, check Get creation parameters

Zeebe clients#

Get all Zeebe clients#

GET${clusterUuid}/clients/ List all Zeebe clients

Get Zeebe client details#

GET${clusterUuid}/clients/${clientId} Returns data needed to connect to a cluster

Delete Zeebe client#

DELETE${clusterUuid}/clients/${clientId} Delete a Zeebe client

Create Zeebe client#

POST${clusterUuid}/clients/ With following JSON payload:

"clientName": string // Name of the ZeebeClient

This returns:

"name": string,
"clientId": string,
"clientSecret": string

Be aware the clientSecret is only returned on creation. GET Client calls do not return the clientSecret.