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Monitor your process in Operate

Camunda Cloud offers Operate to monitor your process instances.


Find an entry point in the cluster details.


By selecting the deployed process, you will see a list of instances that can be filtered:


Because the started worker returns the following, the process ends in the upper end event following the Ping sequence flow:

{  "return": "Pong"}

Changing the worker to the following and creating a new instance leads to a second instance in Operate:

zbctl create worker test-worker --handler "echo {\"return\":\"...\"}"

You'll see this ending in the second end event following the else sequence flow:


As a next step, you can now connect both workers in parallel and create more process instances:

while true; do zbctl create instance camunda-cloud-quick-start-advanced; sleep 1; done

In Operate, you'll see instances ending in both end events depending on which worker picked up the job.