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Version: 8.2

Updating Tasklist

When updating Tasklist versions, it is important to pay attention to few points:

  • Every Tasklist version, supports importing data for the current version and the previous one. For example: if you are running Tasklist 1.3, your Tasklist imports data from Zeebe 1.2 and 1.3.
  • When wanting to update Tasklist version and skip multiple minor versions, make sure to import all the data from previous versions before (see below)

Skipping multiple minor versions

Let's assume the following scenario: A server running Tasklist version 1.0 wants to update to version 1.3.

We recommend to follow the steps below:

Progressively update

  1. Update Tasklist and Zeebe to version 1.1
  2. Let Tasklist run for some hours* and verify if everything works as expected
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 while updating to version 1.2 (before you jump to 1.3)
  4. Then you should be safe to update both Tasklist and Zeebe to version 1.3

NOTE: * Depends on your amount of data, we recommend you let each minor version run for at least 24h before updating to the next one