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Version: 8.5

Model your first diagram

After starting Desktop Modeler, you can model your first BPMN diagram. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a BPMN diagram:

empty application

  1. View the BPMN diagram with a start event:

new diagram

  1. On the left side of the screen you will find the element palette. Drag and drop the elements onto the diagram:


Elements that support different types can be reconfigured by clicking on the corresponding icon. In the following screenshot, a task has been added to the diagram. It can be converted to a service task, for example, by clicking on the task and the wrench-shaped icon.

task configuration

  1. Use the properties panel on the right side of the page to edit the properties of the currently selected element:

properties panel

  1. Once you finish modeling and configuring your diagram, you can deploy it to a Camunda 8 cluster.