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Flags allow you to control the availability of certain features within the desktop modeler.

Configuring Flags

You may configure flags in a flags.json file or pass them via CLI.

Configure in flags.json

Place a flags.json file inside the resources folder of your local {USER_DATA} or {APP_DATA_DIRECTORY} directory to persist them.

Configure via CLI

Pass flags via the command line when starting the application.

camunda-modeler --disable-plugins

Flags passed as command line arguments take precedence over those configured via a configuration file.

Available Flags

flagdefault value
"user-data-dir"Electron default


BPMN-only Mode

To disable the CMMN and DMN editing capabilities of the App, configure your flags.json like this:

"disable-dmn": true,
"disable-form": true

As a result, the app will only allow users to model BPMN diagrams.

BPMN only mode

Custom display-version label

To display a custom version information in the status bar of the app, configure your flags.json like this:

"display-version": "1.2.3"

Custom version info