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Version: 8.5

Configuring templates

Templates are loaded by Desktop Modeler at application startup. Reloading it using CtrlOrCmd+R reloads also all templates. Templates are treated as global or local depending on their location in your file system.

Global templates

For templates to be available for all diagrams store them in the resources/element-templates directory containing the Camunda Modeler executable. Alternatively, for element templates to be available across Camunda Modeler installations, you can store them in the resources/element-templates directory in the modeler's data directory.

Example (Windows)

└── camunda-modeler-5.10.0-win-x64
├── Camunda Modeler.exe
└── resources
└── element-templates
└── my-element-templates.json

Local templates

For element templates to only be available for specific diagrams, you can store them in a .camunda/element-templates directory in the diagrams parent directory or any of their parent directories.


├── diagram.bpmn
└── .camunda
└── element-templates
└── my-element-templates.json

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