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Version: 8.5

Undefined tasks

An undefined task (also known as abstract task) defines a task for which the type of work is unspecified. This is used to model work done by someone the engine does not need to know of and there is no known system or UI interface. It is also used when modeling a process that is not automated, or while the process automation is in development.

For the engine, an undefined task is handled as a pass-through activity, automatically continuing the process at the moment the process instance arrives.

Example of multiple Undefined Tasks in sequence

Undefined tasks have no real benefit for automating processes, and instead provide insights into the tasks that are performed outside of the process engine.

modeling processes for automation

Both Web Modeler and Desktop Modeler default to undefined tasks when adding tasks to your process. You can change the task type by clicking the wrench icon and selecting one of the other types.

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XML representation

An undefined task:

<bpmn:task id="undefined-task" name="Undefined task" />