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Version: 8.5

Enable alpha features


Opting-in to Camunda alpha terms currently only applies to Enterprise SaaS subscriptions. Customers in other subscriptions can still turn on/off these settings directly from Console.

If you aren't already familiar with accessing alpha features, learn more in our alpha feature documentation.

Alpha terms typically refer to the specific terms and conditions that govern the use and testing of this software during its alpha phase. These terms outline the rights, responsibilities, and limitations of both the software provider (Camunda) and the users (alpha testers or early adopters) during the testing and evaluation period.

Alpha terms help protect Camunda´s interests (such as protecting our intellectual property, disclaiming warranties, or limiting our liability for any issues or damages that may arise during the alpha phase), manage user expectations, encourage active participation and feedback, and ensure legal compliance during the pre-release phase of software development.


Enabling alpha features is limited to admin users and owners of Camunda products.

Accept alpha terms

To accept alpha terms for Camunda products, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Camunda Console and click the Organization tab to view the overview for Organization Management.
  2. Under the Settings tab, click Opt-in under the Alpha features box.
  3. Note the Alpha Terms modal. As the admin accepting the alpha terms, you must scroll and read through the terms before accepting.
  4. Once you have read the terms and scrolled through the modal, tick the box at the bottom reading "I understand and agree to Alpha Terms".

The system will confirm your acceptance and send a copy of the accepted alpha terms to your email address.

Manage alpha features

Once you accept the alpha terms, you can enable and disable any features you would like to use, and learn more about them:

  • In the Settings tab, toggle the switch under Status to enable and disable the feature.
  • Click View docs under Documentation to learn more about the feature.
  • Admins can know when someone accepts the alpha terms and when features are enabled or disabled under the Activity tab in Organization Management.