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Version: 8.5

Advanced search

To ease navigation throughout Console, utilize the search functionality available in Camunda 8 SaaS under the Console component.

This search functionality allows users to:

  • Navigate between apps, actions, and tasks (e.g. go to Modeler, invite users, API clients, etc.)
  • Locate Camunda project assets (e.g. BPMN, DMN models, and clusters).
  • Find all entries in the Camunda forum, documentation, and public GitHub issues.

Press ctrl+k, +k, or click the magnifier in the top navigation bar to open the search bar.

Open the search bar


  • Type > to execute an action in Console. By using # as a prefix, you search only in docs.
  • Use the keyboard arrows (◀ ▲ ▼ ▶) to navigate through results.
  • If you observe a ▶ symbol on the right-hand side, click to reveal more information.
  • To select a result, press Enter.