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Version: 8.5

Common pitfalls

Let's take a closer look at common issues and resolutions within Console.

The button to create new clusters is disabled

  • Your organization is on a trial plan and you have already created a cluster. In this case, you cannot create another cluster, because only one cluster is included in the trial plan.

  • Your billing reservations do not allow any more clusters. You must increase the reservations to create more clusters. If you do not have the necessary rights, contact an admin or the owner of the organization.

I cannot connect to Zeebe

  • Check if your API client has the necessary rights. To interact with Zeebe, the Scope Zeebe must be set.
  • Check if your credentials are configured correctly. There is a CLI tool that allows you to check the status: zbctl. With the command zbctl status, you can read the topology. If this command works, the connection can be established.
  • Check if your cluster is Healthy: A Zeebe cluster may be temporarily unavailable. To check if your cluster is healthy, navigate to the Clusters tab in the top navigation. Click on the cluster to view its details for a closer view of the status over all components (Zeebe, Operate, Tasklist, Optimize).