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Version: 8.5

Resource authorizations

In Camunda 8 SaaS, resource authorizations allow you to control the level of access a user has to a specific resource in the system.


Resource authorizations in Camunda 8 SaaS can only be applied on a user level currently. If you would like to explore setting resource authorizations on a group level, see the resource authorizations for Self-Managed.

Component support

The Camunda ecosystem contains several resource types and many actions that can be performed on them, currently the resource types and permissions we support are:


  • Process definition:
    • Read definition
    • Delete definition
    • Update process instance
    • Delete process instance
  • Decision definition:
    • Read
    • Delete

Operate uses a caching mechanism where resource authorization changes can take 30 seconds to take effect.


  • Process definition:
    • Start process instance

Using Camunda 8 Self-Managed?

If you are using the Self-Managed distribution of Camunda 8, we recommend heading over to the resource authorizations for Self-Managed documentation.