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Version: 8.5

Data retention

In Camunda 8 SaaS, the following data retention strategies are implemented. This is necessary as the amount of data can grow significantly overtime. These settings are a balance between performance and usability.

Default retention time of each application

The following time-to-live settings are configured in SaaS for each application. These are the defaults for our production clusters in the Starter and Enterprise plans.

  • Operate: 30 days
  • Optimize: 180 days
  • Tasklist: 30 days
  • Zeebe: 7 days

If there are specific requirements for your use-case, reach out to us to discuss your data retention needs under an Enterprise plan. For more information on development clusters in the Starter or Professional plans, refer to our fair usage limits of those plans.

Additional information

The following resources in our Self-Managed documentation describe these data retention concepts in more detail: