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Version: 8.5

Deprecated RPCs

The following RPCs are exposed by the gateway service, but have been deprecated.

DeployProcess RPC


Deprecated since 8, replaced by DeployResource RPC.


When multi-tenancy is enabled, processes are always deployed to the <default> tenant.

Deploys one or more processes to Zeebe. Note that this is an atomic call, i.e. either all processes are deployed, or none of them are.

Input: DeployProcessRequest

message DeployProcessRequest {
// List of process resources to deploy
repeated ProcessRequestObject processes = 1;

message ProcessRequestObject {
enum ResourceType {
// FILE type means the gateway will try to detect the resource type
// using the file extension of the name field
FILE = 0;
BPMN = 1; // extension 'bpmn'
YAML = 2 [deprecated = true]; // extension 'yaml'; removed as of release 1.0

// the resource basename, e.g. myProcess.bpmn
string name = 1;
// the resource type; if set to BPMN or YAML then the file extension
// is ignored
// As of release 1.0, YAML support was removed and BPMN is the only supported resource type.
// The field was kept to not break clients.
ResourceType type = 2 [deprecated = true];
// the process definition as a UTF8-encoded string
bytes definition = 3;

Output: DeployProcessResponse

message DeployProcessResponse {
// the unique key identifying the deployment
int64 key = 1;
// a list of deployed processes
repeated ProcessMetadata processes = 2;

message ProcessMetadata {
// the bpmn process ID, as parsed during deployment; together with the version forms a
// unique identifier for a specific process definition
string bpmnProcessId = 1;
// the assigned process version
int32 version = 2;
// the assigned key, which acts as a unique identifier for this process
int64 processKey = 3;
// the resource name (see: from which this process was
// parsed
string resourceName = 4;



Returned if:

  • No resources given.
  • At least one resource is invalid. A resource is considered invalid if:
    • It is not a BPMN or YAML file (currently detected through the file extension).
    • The resource data is not deserializable (e.g. detected as BPMN, but it's broken XML).
    • The process is invalid (e.g. an event-based gateway has an outgoing sequence flow to a task.)