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Version: 8.2



Tasklist API is a REST API and provides searching, getting, and changing Tasklist data. Requests and responses are in JSON notation. Some objects have additional endpoints.

API documentation as Swagger

A detailed API description is also available as Swagger UI at https://${base-url}/swagger-ui/index.html.


Endpoint (HTTP verb + URL path)Description
GET /v1/tasks/{taskId}Return a task by taskId.
POST /v1/tasks/searchReturns the list of tasks that satisfy search request params.
POST /v1/tasks/{taskId}/variables/searchReturns a list of task variables for the specified taskId and variableName.
PATCH /v1/tasks/{taskId}/assignAssign a task with taskId to assignee or the active user.
PATCH /v1/tasks/{taskId}/unassignUnassign a task with provided taskId.
PATCH /v1/tasks/{taskId}/completeComplete a task with taskId and optional variables.
POST /v1/forms/{formId}Get the form details by formId and processDefinitionKey required query param.
POST /v1/variables/{variableId}Get the variable details by variable id.