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Version: 8.5



The Tasklist API is a REST API designed to build task applications for human-centered processes. The API allows you to query user tasks, assign users to these tasks, and complete these tasks.


Ensure you authenticate before accessing the Tasklist API.

API Explorer

See the interactive Tasklist REST API Explorer for specifications, example requests and responses, and code samples of interacting with the Tasklist REST API.

Swagger UI

A detailed API description is also available as a Swagger UI at https://${base-url}/swagger-ui/index.html.

For SaaS: https://${REGION}${CLUSTER_ID}/swagger-ui/index.html, and for Self-Managed installations: http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui/index.html.


Find your region and cluster id under connection information in your client credentials.

API in Postman

Work with this API in our Postman collection, and check it out in GitHub.