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Cloud Console API clients (REST)

Cloud API management#

To interact with Camunda Cloud programmatically without using the Camunda Cloud UI, create Cloud API clients in the organization settings under the Cloud Management API tab.

Cloud API clients are created for an organization, and therefore can access all Zeebe clusters of this organization.

A client can have one or multiple of the following permissions:

  • Get clusters: Retrieve information of all clusters of the organization.
  • Create clusters: Create a cluster for the organization.
  • Delete clusters: Delete a cluster of the organization.
  • Get Zeebe clients: Retrieve all Zeebe clients of the organization.
  • Create Zeebe clients: Create a Zeebe client for a cluster of the organization.
  • Delete Zeebe clients: Delete a Zeebe client of a cluster owned by the organization.

After a Cloud API client is created, the Client Secret is only shown once. Save this Client Secret somewhere safe.

To retrieve an access token for the Cloud API client:

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" \    --request POST \    --data '{"grant_type":"client_credentials", "audience":"", "client_id":"XXX", "client_secret":"YYY"}' \

Access tokens have a validity period found in the access token. After this time, a new access token must be requested.


The auth service has built-in rate limiting. If too many token requests are executed in a short time, the client is blocked for a certain time. Since the access tokens have a certain validity period, they must be cached on the client side.

Console API (REST)#

For all requests, include the access token for Cloud API in the Authorization header: authorization:Bearer ${TOKEN}.


Get all clusters#


Returns detailed data on all clusters of the organization.

Get cluster#


Returns detailed data of one cluster.

Get cluster creation parameters#


Returns all options available to create a cluster.

Delete cluster#


Create cluster#


With the following JSON payload:

{  "name": string, // Name of the Cluster  "channelId": string, // Software Channel for further upgrades, check Get creation parameters  "generationId": string, // Software Generation, check Get creation parameters  "regionId": string, // Region to host the cluster, check Get creation parameters  "planTypeId": string // Hardware Plan of the cluster, check Get creation parameters}

Zeebe clients#

Get all Zeebe clients#


List all Zeebe clients.

Get Zeebe client details#


Returns data needed to connect to a cluster.

Delete Zeebe client#


Delete a Zeebe client.

Create Zeebe client#


With the following JSON payload:

{  "clientName": string // Name of the ZeebeClient}

This returns:

{  "name": string,  "clientId": string,  "clientSecret": string}

Be aware the clientSecret is only returned on creation. GET Client calls do not return the clientSecret.