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Version: 8.4


The Camunda Best Practices distill our experience with BPMN and DMN on the Camunda toolstack, incorporating insights from consulting, community feedback, and various interactions. They offer a blend of conceptual and practical guidance, representing our current practical project experience in a generalized context. While not definitive, these practices acknowledge that learning is ongoing and effectiveness may vary based on your specific situation.

Please note that, like the core product, Camunda extends the same guarantee to Best Practices. However, we cannot ensure the absolute accuracy or timeliness of the information provided, and any liability for damages resulting from the application of these recommendations is disclaimed.

Camunda 8

In general, best practices apply to Camunda 8, but there are also some specific Camunda 7 practices in their own section below.

Project management Best Practices

Architecture Best Practices

Development Best Practices

Modeling Best Practices

Operations Best Practices

Camunda 7-specific Best Practices