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Version: 8.0

Overview Components

This section contains product manual content for each component in Camunda Platform 8, including conceptual content.

  • Concepts - Conceptual documentation on a variety of Camunda Platform 8 topics.
  • Console - More information on working with Console.
  • Modeler - Documentation on Camunda's modeling tools, including Web Modeler and Desktop Modeler.
  • Connectors - Documentation on the Camunda Connectors to integrate with outside systems.
  • Zeebe Engine - Complete documentation for Zeebe.
  • Operate - User guide for monitoring and troubleshooting your process with Operate.
  • Optimize - Detailed user guide for working with Optimize to improve your processes by identifying constraints in your system.
  • Tasklist - Documentation for working with user tasks in Tasklist.

These components work together to provide the Camunda Platform 8 SaaS experience.

Architecture diagram for Camunda Platform including all the components for SaaS

Looking for deployment guides?

Deployment guides for Camunda Platform 8 components are available in the Self-Managed section.