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Version: 1.0

Manage alerts

Camunda Cloud allows you to get notified when Process Instances stop with an error. There are two types of reporting,

  • By mail to the email address of your user accounts
  • By webhook

Create an alert#

To create a new alert you have to navigate into the Alert tab:


Click Create to create a new alert.


You can choose between Email and Webhook. For Email no further information is needed. To create a Webhook alert, you need to provide a valid webhook url that excepts POST requests.


You can only have one Email alert per Cluster but you can create multiple Webhook alerts if needed.

Webhook alerts#

Webhook alerts contain a JSON body with following structure:

{    operateUrl: string, // direct link to the incident in operate    processInstanceId: string // id of the failed process,    errorMessage: string, // error message as seen in operate    errorType: string, // error type    flowNodeId: string, // id of the flow node that created the error    jobKey: string, // key of the failed job    creationTime: string, // the time when the error was created    processName: string, // name of the failed process    processVersion: number, // version number of the failed process}