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Version: 1.0

Open a job worker

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        ...        final String jobType = "foo";
        try (final ZeebeClient client = {
            System.out.println("Opening job worker.");
            try (final JobWorker workerRegistration =                client                    .newWorker()                    .jobType(jobType)                    .handler(new ExampleJobHandler())                    .timeout(Duration.ofSeconds(10))                    .open()) {                System.out.println("Job worker opened and receiving jobs.");
                // run until receives exit command                waitUntilSystemInput("exit");            }        }    }
    private static class ExampleJobHandler implements JobHandler {        @Override        public void handle(final JobClient client, final ActivatedJob job) {            // here: business logic that is executed with every job            System.out.println(job);            client.newCompleteCommand(job.getKey()).send().join();        }    }