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Version: 0.26

Connect to your cluster


Install the appropriate package.

npm i -g zbctl

First connection#

After creating a client and downloading the connection file, you will now need to source it to make it available in your environment. If these are known to the system, a client can communicate directly with its own cluster in the cloud without further configuration.

source ~/Downloads/CamundaCloudMgmtAPI-Client-test-client.txt
zbctl status

As a result you will get a similar response:

Cluster size: 1
Partitions count: 2
Replication factor: 1
Gateway version: unavailable
Broker 0 - zeebe-0.zeebe-broker-service.456637ef-8832-428b-a2a4-82b531b25635-zeebe.svc.cluster.local:26501
Version: unavailable
Partition 1 : Leader
Partition 2 : Leader