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Version: 0.26

API Client


Tasklist provides an GraphQL API at endpoint /graphql.


To access the API endpoint you need an access token. Your client needs to send a header in each request:

Authorization: Bearer <Token>

For example send a request by using curl:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>" -d '{"query": "{tasks(query:{}){name}}"}' http://localhost:8080/graphql

How to obtain the access token#

You need to obtain a token for using the Tasklist API. When you create a Tasklist client you will get all the information you need to connect to Tasklist.

See also Build your own client

Following settings are needed:

NameDescriptionDefault value
client idName of your registered client-
client secretPassword for your registered client-
audiencePermission name, if not given use default
authorization server urlToken issuer server-

You send a token issue POST request to the authorization server with the content:

{  "client_id": "<client-id>",  "client_secret":"<client-secret>",  "audience":"<audience>",  "grant_type":"client_credentials"}

An example with curl:

curl -X POST --header 'content-type: application/json' --data '{"client_id": "<client-id>", "client_secret":"<client-secret>","audience":"<audience>","grant_type":"client_credentials"}' https://<authorization server url>

If the authorization is successful, the authorization server sends back the access token, when it expires, scope and type:

{  "access_token": "ey...",  "scope": "...",  "expires_in": 86400,  "token_type": "Bearer"}

Obtain GraphQL Schema#

To obtain the GraphQL schema you need to send a request to the endpoint with a GraphQL introspection query as described in

or you use the generated API documentation

There are also a lot of tools to explore GraphQL API's like this:

For example you want to know all about provided types:

query {  __schema {    queryType {      fields {        name        type {          kind          ofType {            kind            name          }        }      }    }  }}

Examples requests and responses#

Get all tasks names#


{"query":"{    tasks(query: {}) {        name    }  }"}


{  "data": {    "tasks": [      {        "name": "Check payment"      },      {        "name": "Register the passenger"      }    ]  }}

Get all tasks that are completed with id, name and state#


{    "query" : "{        tasks(query: { state: COMPLETED }) {            id            name            taskState        }    }"}


{  "data": {    "tasks": [      {        "id": "2251799813685728",        "name": "Check payment",        "taskState": "COMPLETED"      }    ]  }}