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Version: 0.26

Getting familiar with Operate

This section "Getting familiar with Operate" and the next section “Variables and incidents” assumes that you’ve deployed a workflow to Zeebe and have created at least one workflow instance.

If you’re not sure how to deploy workflows or create instances, we recommend going through the Getting started tutorial

In the following sections, we’ll use the same order-process.bpmn workflow model from the Getting Started guide.

View a deployed workflow#

In the Instances by Workflow panel in your dashboard, you should see a list of your deployed workflows and running instances.


When you click on the name of a deployed workflow in the Instances by Workflow panel, you’ll navigate to a view of that workflow model along with all running instances.


From this Running Instances view, you have the ability to cancel a single running workflow instance.


Inspect a workflow instance#

Running workflow instances appear in the Instances section below the workflow model. To inspect a specific instance, you can click on the instance id.


There, you’ll be able to see detail about the workflow instance, including the instance history and the variables attached to the instance.