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Version: 0.25


A workflow can contain multiple tasks, where each represents a step in the workflow.

name: order-process
tasks:    - id: collect-money      type: payment-service
    - id: fetch-items      type: inventory-service      retries: 5
    - id: ship-parcel      type: shipment-service      headers:            method: "express"            withInsurance: false

Each task has the following properties:

  • id (required): the unique identifier of the task.
  • type (required): the name to which job workers can subscribe.
  • retries: the amount of times the job is retried in case of failure. (default = 3)
  • headers: a list of metadata in the form of key-value pairs that can be accessed by a worker.

When Zeebe executes a task, it creates a job that is handed to a job worker. The worker can perform the business logic and complete the job eventually to trigger continuation in the workflow.

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