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Version: 0.25


Operate is a tool for monitoring and troubleshooting workflow instances running in Zeebe.

In addition to providing visibility into active and completed workflow instances, Operate also makes it possible to carry out key operations such as resolving incidents and updating workflow instance variables.

In the "Getting Started tutorial", we walk through how to install and run Operate and how to use it to monitor workflow instances. In this Operate User Guide, we’ll cover some of Operate’s more advanced features.

Because Operate can be a helpful tool when getting started with Zeebe and building an initial proof of concept, we make it available under a developer license for free, non-production use. You can find the developer license here. There are no restrictions under this license when it comes to the length of the evaluation period or the available feature set as long as you use Operate in non-production environments only.

Operate is also available for production use (with support) in the Camunda Cloud offering. If you'd like try out Operate in the Camunda Cloud, please sign up here.